Family Time

In the beginning of marriage, it was not often that my husband got an actual Sunday off of work. So early on, we tried to instill in our boys to enjoy the family time we are blessed to get.

Today was not what I would consider a ordinary family day. I got up around 8am and finished up our last load of laundry. Then after relaxing a bit my husband and our two boys went to get their haircut. So I went out for a bit of me time. However, the time wasn’t devoted to doing anything to taxing but I did get our Christmas shopping completed.

Once we all returned home we pulled out the Christmas decorations and the new tree I bought last year on sale.

It is nice that we can pull out ornaments and talk about the history behind each one.

Now we are relaxing and enjoying putting our feet up before it is time to make dinner.

Have a good one!


Finding my groove… one step at a time

I have decided that I really want to get back to blogging and building friendships with others who may have experienced the same things I have.

So I am going to take this one step at a time and see where things lead me.

I hope you will take a chance and get to know me through my words and life experiences that have taken me to this current place in time.

Until next time….. remember to smile at the daisies.